What we do

We provide a variety of services to small-medium sized businesses to help them succeed in todays fast paced world.

Superior Service Driven by Passionate People


    Our service offerings of Application Development, Information Technology, and Graphic Design can be utilized on a Project by Project basis or by utilizing our Retainer Services.


    We are able to offer retainer services in 3, 6, 12, or 12+ month packages. Utilizing our retainer services will be like having 1 or more on-demand employees.


    From front & back end engineering to Cloud Migrations to Logos & Branding we are able to take your business needs and turn them into reailty.


We turn your business processes or ideas into products, from concept through full product launch.


    We are able to provide a polished product for your distribution to Windows, Mac, or Linux. These solutions can be ideal for more restricted access to your intranet and its' data.


    With the need for employees to have access to systems and data in realtime anywhere, we are able to provide solutions for the Android & iOS platforms to meet these needs.

  • WEB

    When you need a web presence, be it a website or a web app, we can build a solution that is right for you. We use one the fastest web stacks and ensure your presences is consistent.


    With so many processes and procedures that are needed in running your businesses it is very important to ensure that they are completed as real life is happening. Task Automation helps simplify multi-step processes.


    Many business mistake Workflows with Task Automation, where Worflows are the processes or procedures that are needed to complete said process.


    Today many businesses need data from outside sources, and obtaining this data is not always easy. We are able to leverage our experience across many different APIs to help you integrate external data into your business.


    Do you have data that you would like to share with external sources built with access control and using the RESTful practice. In addition to our custom APIs each delivery comes with browsable API Documentation!


    When it's time to WOW your customers, it's time to give us a Call! We can create a Game or Interactive experience for your customers. Almost all platforms are supported, see above.


    So you moved to the cloud, but now you have tasks that need to be done and run to keep your systems running and optimal. This is where we can come in and help, by automating your processes and giving you back your time.


From Staff augmentation to full systems admin support we are here to help your business succeed.

  • Phone Support

    As part of our staff augmentation we can provide phone support for all general IT Help Desk needs. This includes support for most common operating systems.

  • Software Support

    Sometimes when you have complex software packages that need more technical support, we can come in and offer a helping hand.

  • Infastructure Support

    When you need that extra admin or even an infrastructure architect we can get your systems going, or if you have existing systems we can support them to keep your business running.

  • Data Management

    Your data is likely the most important part of your business. From day to day business operations to backup and recovery plans we can host and support your data needs.

  • Document Management

    Documents today can have many purposes and access needs, and it can be hard to ensure you have the right solution and structure to support your needs. We have solutions for your document storage and organizational needs.

  • Azure Cloud

    With the Azure Cloud businesses are now able to be fully connected across the globe. When remote working is a necessity so is getting your business connected with the Cloud. Using Azure we take your current gaps of connectivity and find solutions to keep your offices connected.

  • DevOps / DevSecOps

    Development teams can have multiple moving parts with build & testing needs that are complex. We have experience at many scales of DevOp deployments & setup.

  • SharePoint Migrations

    When using SharePoint to host your documents it can be difficult to upgrade and migrate when you need to. We have extensive experience with SharePoint from 2010 and on, including SharePoint Online and will help you achieve your goals.

  • MS Dynamics SL Customizations

    Miscrosoft Dynamics SL customizations can help save your business lot of time, by reducing entry errors to reducing the number of steps a process may take. We have many years of experience working with the Dynamics SL product and have built many different customiations.


We create successful, innovative designs that will help your business stand out from everyone else.


    Every business needs a logo and we are here to help you get your business off the ground and get others to believe in your business. We make businesses look great.


    Now that you've got your business running, it's time to let everyone know! What better way than with our marketing materials? We have layouts & will create designs for your brand / product.


    Why not wear it? Ok, but you don't just want to put your log on a shirt do you? Why not touch up your logo or product with our Merchandising designs? All kinds of products are available.


    Have a new product or service you want to highlight around town? What better way than with a poster or flyer to showcase it.


    Showcasing your menu with a good layout and design is key for getting more businesses and better up-sells. We will either create or re-vitilize your menu.


    Whether you're on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything else, we can help build your visual style and theme for each of your social outlets, meeting the requirements for each.


    Youtube is all about videos, but Youtube also gives you options to customize the look and feel for your Channel. Why not add a cartoon version of your main host to the channel?


    Instagram has become a pivotal part in a lot of peoples' lives, and we can help make your's stand out even more.


    Your website is one of the main parts to your online presence, and we can create a design for your business that you can customize along the way.

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